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Welcome to the Lacey South Sound Chamber Of Commerce

A message from our Chamber President...

Madelin White

Welcome to the Lacey South Sound Chamber Website.  This site will tell you a lot about the chamber and the benefits of joining.  I have been a member for several years.  For me, it has been extremely helpful.  Like anything else, the more you put into it, the more you will get out of it.  The chamber has certainly helped me reach a lot more customers.  I joined the Ambassadors first (and still am an ambassador).  This committee helped me be known faster since we are the ones who try to be at every function to help in different capacities.  When you’re registering people, mingling with people, taking business cards, etc., everyone gets to know you.  It’s such a fun Chamber that it makes networking fun and me  too attend as many events as possible. Attend one or two of our meetings and check us out for yourself, for free!

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